SOPHOS XG Firewall: Not obtaining a DHCP lease

Not obtaining a DHCP lease: Scenario,  there are two DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) servers configured for two different LAN ports in XG Firewall.

  1. Port 1 which is the default port configured.
  2. Port 4 which is the port configured for the DHCP for each VLAN in XG Firewall.

In this case more than one DHCP server is configured on the XG Firewall (Network > DHCP). This prevents the client from getting the IP address from another DHCP server that is configured on the XG Firewall.

To get the IP address from another DHCP server configured on the XG Firewall, it is necessary to enable the static entry scope at the global level.

Login to the command line interface (CLI) and choose option 4. Device Console to run the following command:

system dhcp static-entry-scope global

The client can now connect to any DHCP server configured in the XG Firewall and gets assigned IP address from the DHCP server.

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